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David Stocks
Agricultural & Commercial Fencing Services

Fencing Services Available


Barbed Wire
Plain Wire
Stock net
Rabbit Netting
Deer Fencing
Badger fencing


Sawn Post & Rail
Half Round Post and Rail
Permanent Electric Fencing
Electric Stud Tape
Horse Mesh
Corridors, ménages, holding pens constructed


Close board
Picket Fencing
Hit & Miss
Trellis, arches, pergolas etc

Commercial and yard security

Chain link
Razor wire
Ascot Rail
Barriers and Gates
Bollards (fixed and drop down)
Weld mesh

Sundry information

If required, we offer scrub clearance and overgrown hedge restoration prior to fencing, carried out in conjunction with local hedge cutting specialist Brian Turney

Custom made items, welding and fabrication service available

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